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For detailed information about FMS-Standard please see or
For easy recording of the output of a FMS gateway you can use the product PikoTest offered by PikoSys.

If you have any problems with uploading please check whether your firewall is blocking. For any questions please contact: If you have any feedback / proposal to improve this validation service please contact

Please note that this page is free of charge to be used to validate the output record of a FMS gateway in a truck according Version 01.00.
The file to be uploaded and validated must have the structure of a CAN log file.

Format of a CAN log file
FileSystem:ASCII text
Delimiter:Space (Char 32)
End of line:CarrigeReturn (Char 13) and LineFeed (Char 10)
Remark: Lines who starts with a semikolon ";"
Field 1:Timestamp in seconds, accuracy in 1/1000 seconds
Field 2:CAN channel
Field 3:CAN 29bit identifier, hexadecimal, included PGN
Field 4:CAN direction, normally "Rx"
Field 5:CAN delimiter data, normally "D"
Field 6:CAN data byte number 0, hexadecimal, from "00" to "FF"
Field 7:CAN data byte number 1, hexadecimal, from "00" to "FF"
Field 8:CAN data byte number 2, hexadecimal, from "00" to "FF"
Field 9:CAN data byte number 3, hexadecimal, from "00" to "FF"
Field 10:CAN data byte number 4, hexadecimal, from "00" to "FF"
Field 11:CAN data byte number 5, hexadecimal, from "00" to "FF"
Field 12:CAN data byte number 6, hexadecimal, from "00" to "FF"
Field 13:CAN data byte number 7, hexadecimal, from "00" to "FF"
; CAN log: M-AB 1234 <CR><LF>
231.6534 1 0CF00400x Rx D F0 7D 86 14 11 00 04 FF<CR><LF>
231.6666 1 0CFE6CEEx Rx D 4B 00 00 C1 87 00 33 01<CR><LF>
231.6734 1 0CF00400x Rx D F0 7D 86 22 11 00 04 FF<CR><LF>
231.6740 1 0CF00300x Rx D F1 00 10 FF FF 03 FF FF<CR><LF>
231.6769 1 18FEF100x Rx D F3 CC 01 54 01 00 E0 FF<CR><LF>

Know how
For more information and know how please see PikoSys.